Tony Zimmer
Crossed the Bar
July 26, 2015

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Updated:  7/29/15

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Re: [Objee] Tony Zimmer...friend, shipmate, classmate
From:  Craig Coy
To:  Lisa Zimmer
Date:  07/27/15 6:45 PM

   I am so saddened to learn of your dad's passing.

   He and I flew together at North Bend OR. I'll never forget standing duty with Tony and your mother bringing a whole chocolate cheesecake to split!  And occasionally we'd get the full Italian pasta experience!  He was a great comrade and pilot.

  I'll also never forget the New Years Eve mission in 1977/78 to catch the biggest drug ring in OR. This cartel had bought a farm (which is now Bandon Dunes, a top 10 world class golf course) and small ocean freighter to smuggle Thai marihuana sticks. They had sailed from Asia to Bandon to offload their first shipment. Tony was copilot operating the Nite sun to illuminate the bad guys for the DEA to bust. Having a 6'4" 250lb copilot was very reassuring especially since they said the bad guys were shooting at the light!

   His humanity, sense of humor and humility were traits I admired.  He always thought of others and made everyone feel better about themselves.

   I'm sure you are a great example of Tony's character and love.

God bless you and your family.
Craig Coy.

Re: [Objee] Tony Zimmer...friend, shipmate, classmate
From:  James McCarthy
To:  Lisa Zimmer
Date:  Jul 07/27/15 5:18 PM

  I only wish I could pass my condolences on to Tony's daughter.  As it happens, Tony and I were roomies during the first make in our swab year.  Tony didn't fair well with the academics as I remember and left the academy only to go on an finish college and then applies and enterer the Officer corps through OCS.  He graduated and went  on to become a super pilot. 

Lisa if this email should reach you, please know that Tony was a superior officer and great friend of ours and he will be missed. I feel a tremendous loss in that people I really knew well from sharing a room with him are now gone. 

Saddened and Grieved by your loss,
   James F. McCarthy
   Your Dad's first roomie at CGA in 1968.  (aka...Tiger)

Subj:  Tony Zimmer...friend, shipmate, classmate
From: Jimmy Ng
To:  Class of 1972
Date:  Jul 07/27/15 3:16 PM

   Tony Zimmer. A man, Officer, husband and father of  great integrity, humor and faithfulness.  I miss you my XO and friend...your love and dedication taught me much.