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45th NW Reunion - Astoria, OR
Updated:  5/04/17

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Our 45th NW mini-Reunion was a big Success


Date: April 21 - 24, 2017
Location:  Astoria, OR
Committee: Tom Gilmour, Kevin Scheid & Mark Noll

Attendees: A total of 8 classmates with 7 wives made the trip and we had sunshine for 1 of the 3 days. But the weather did not dampen our spirits and we all enjoyed getting together. The participants were:

    Kevin & Bobette Scheid - Mercer Island, WA
    Mark & Anne Noll - Puyallup, WA
    Jimmy & Joy Ng - Anderson Island, WA
    Jim & Sherry McEntire - Sequim, WA

    Tom & Jan Gilmour - Eugene, OR
    Joel & Beth Gunderson - Portland, OR
   Pete Dolan - Novato, CA
   Dick & Trish Fish - Paddock Lake, WI


Weekend Schedule:


      Aside from seeing classmates, several events were scheduled for the weekend.  We had a helo demonstration on the Columbia River off of our hotel (The Canner Pier Hotel), visited Station Cape Disappointment, the National Motor Lifeboat School, CGC Alert, and Sector Astoria.  In between the visits we had group breakfasts, happy hours and dinners and even visited the Fish RV for an impromptu wine, Wisconsin Brats and Cheese sampling.  All in all, a great weekend with a lot of sea stories.  Dick and Trish won the contest for travelling the furthest driving their RV from Wisconsin (he was EO on the Yacona out of Astoria) and Pete flew up from SF Bay.  Joel and Tom were the lone Oregonians with the rest coming down from Washington.

     You may notice in the photos that wives are not always standing or sitting next to their husbands............You can draw your own conclusions, but we attribute that to how well the group enjoyed each others company.  All in all it was an enjoyable weekend, with a great group!!

        - Tom



===== Friday, April 21 ======
Welcome to our class weekend reunion in Astoria, OR
 Note: Click on pics for a larger image
Cannery Pier Hotel  

Friday - April 21

1615 - Meet & greet in hotel lobby

1700 - Cannery Pier hotel wine, salmon & cheese

     Reminder - Things to bring - Something for the rain, comfortable shoes, a bathing suit for the Finish sauna and hot tub, and clothing/gear for riding bikes which are available at the hotel for guests. In addition there is a full service spa (i.e. a Seven Petals Full body Anti-Aging Treatment ($200) or the Chocolate Orange Body Wrap ($95)). Depends on if you feel old or hungry

    - Kevin

Chiefs Call to Indoctrination (CCTI)  

Friday - April 21

1800 - Chiefs Call to Indoctrination (CCTI) reception & dinner

1800 - Dinner at a local restaurant or with Dick & Trish Fish at the Lewis & Clark RV park approx. 3-5 miles south of the Cannery hotel. 


    The Chief's Mess extended an invitation to all Class of '72 graduates to attend. (CCTI Program).  I recently attended a CCTI dinner in Elizabeth City and it was extremely well done. Also to note is that the current Chaplain of the Coast Guard will be in attendance and the guest speaker will be Scott McEwen who is a co-author of the American Sniper.

      - CDR David T Feeney 


   This invite is great honor to our class and an opportunity to participate in the heart of the Coast Guard culture along with hearing a talk from a national figure.

  .  - Kevin Scheid 



===== Saturday, April 22 ======
Coast Guard helo/dive demo  

Saturday - April 22

0800 - Cannery Hotel - Meet for breakfast
0830-1015 - Coast Guard helo/dive demo - Helicopter/Dive training conducted in sight of the Cannery Pier Hotel. Aircraft will deliver a rescue swimmer then two divers to water then return for 2 more divers. Expect the aircraft to deliver and recover 6-7 divers with 3-4 trips. Watch from your balcony!

CDR Dave Feeney - Flight officer for helo ops and diver training.
Bow Picker   

Before heading for Cape D, several us went for lunch at the Bow Picker. 


      Bowpicker Fish & Chips
Beer battered Albacore tuna and steak fries!


    Firm chunks of Albacore tuna lightly beer battered and fried to perfection by Ron and Linda, they stand ready to soak up malt vinegar and scoop tartar sauce. The bed of thick steak fries, crunchy outside and tender inside, are much more than a side dish.

Cape Disappointment, National Motor Lifeboat School (NMLBS)  
Saturday - April 22
1300 - Cape Disappointment, National Motor Lifeboat School (NMLBS) tour

     We noted that Kip Lawrence's name on the plaque listing him as a former CO of the Cape D.  It really is in a beautiful location!! 


    I was CO at the Cape.  Nice to see that the 36 is still there.  I had a guy resulting in discipline for shooting arrows into it. That's the northwest for you.  - Kip


Front: Mark, Jimmy, Dick, Tom, Jim, Joel
Back: Kevin, Pete

        Joy & Jimmy                                              Joy & Sherry

Pete, Joy, Jimmy, Beth, Joel
Silver Salmon Grille  
Saturday - April 22
1700 - Cannery Pier hotel wine, salmon & cheese
1830 - Class dinner - Reservations at Silver Salmon Grille (location is 1105 Commercial St, Astoria, OR). Rated #2 place to eat in Astoria. Meals range from around $11 for a lite meal to $29 for a top end steak and salmon which includes a side and salad.(location is 1105 Commercial St, Astoria, OR).
  A good time for all at the Silver Salmon Grille.  
===== Sunday, April 23 ======
USCGC Alert, WMEC 630  
Sunday, April 23
0800 - Cannery Hotel - Meet for breakfast
1000 - USCGC Alert tour

     It was a great tour and the CO was amazed when Kevin and Tom told him they did their second class cruise on the Alert (he had a new appreciation for our group and stopped mentioning how old the cutter was). 

Kevin, Jim & Jimmy


CO's Stateroom
Bobette, Joy, Jimmy, Jim, Pete, Tom, CO Coulter, Jan, Kevin, Joel, Beth

Mess deck where we enjoyed coffee and wonderful pastries.
Free Time  
Sunday - April 23
    Visit Maritime Museum (see local CG history))
    Visit Fort Clatsop (where Lewis & Clark wintered))
    Beach Time (swimming not advised).    Beach Time (swimming not advised).
Sector Columbia River & Air Station Astoria  
Sunday - April 23
1300 -Sector Columbia River & Air Station Astoria tours
CDR David Feeney gave the group a tour of the hanger. He also provided a very interesting brief of Sector Columbia River and the Control Station (restricted, no photos).

     These were taken at Sector Astoria where we were given a slide show on the make-up of the Unit, and a tour of the Hangar and the Command center.  Since they locked up all of our phones for the Command Center tour, there are only a couple of pictures from the Hangar.   


  The first is of the strange colored Helo with the group (Minus Mark) and the second is of our own ancient aviators with the Aviation centennial shield (perhaps Ben Stoppe can tell us more about what they are doing to celebrate 100 years of CG aviation, and who the shields were dedicated to).   

Joel & Beth

Jimmy & Kevin                         Jimmy & Joy
     Our tour guide CDR Feeney, told us that the color of the Helo was like a throw-back jersey  that is worn by various sporting  teams.  This yellow one is at Airstation Astoria and is painted one of the colors that was used in the past.  The other 2 helos at the unit (and the one that can be seen in the background of our group shot at the hotel) are painted the normal CG colors that we are used to. 

    Aircraft Color & Centennial Logo


    As to the CG aircraft. retro colors... Late in 2015, or, early 2016 (the Centennial of CG Aviation), CG Aviation Forces (CG-711) - old G-OAV, along w/ CG Aviation Engineering (CG-41) - old G-EAE, decided to paint a few CG aircraft. in retro colors in celebration of 100 years of CG Aviation.  A number of CG Helos & the two engine fixed wing aircraft. that are overhauled at the Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) in ECity, NC - old AR&SC - were painted like the old yellow peril trainers & helos (H-60), the red H-65s (for visibility for polar ops on the breakers) got painted in the old red & white, & some fixed wing aircraft. got painted in ~1930s medium blue - after the old patrol planes that actually had star names, like Arcturus, or Betelgeuse.


    Plus aircraft. got the Centennial logo (decal) on their sides, plus names of CG Aviation personnel - both pilots & aircrew & flight surgeons & observers, that paid the ultimate sacrifice.


    Since most aircraft. that ALC paints usually have a three year cycle (or more) btwn. overhauls, you will see these paint schemes for a few more yrs. before returning to their regular paint. HC-130s were not painted in a retro fashion, but the Centennial logo & names were affixed.

       - Ben Stoppe



     I also posted the Centennial patch with Pat Rivas and John Snyder names onto the FB Aviation site. Rcvd lots of feedback and memories. I found Pat and John's bodies on Montague Island beach the morning after the crash. Pat was a very good friend. It was very emotional for Kevin and I to see those names on the aircraft. We were both friends and shipmates with Pat when he went down. See an article written by then PA1 Ken freeze in Kodiak..

   - Jimmy Ng



    Jimmy, good to hear from you albeit with mixed emotions. Pat Rivas was one of my first student pilots in the H-3 (along with another guy named John Currier) that I served with at CGAS Cape Cod. We were very close friends, on the same bowling team, bumper pool aficionados and routinely in trouble together for excessively celebrating the survival of another duty day. Linnea can tell you about the time I threw their young daughter up in the air and lost her in the sun! Very ugly. Anyway....I got transferred to Sitka and shortly thereafter Pat got orders to Kodiak. I was on a sheep hunt out of Tok, Alaska loran station with the none other than the infamous Gary Poll when we heard of Pat's tragic accident. To this day I wonder if I am somewhat culpable. He very obviously had the skills of an extraordinary pilot, but how do you teach not to go too far...?

    - Bruce Melnick


   Yes, Kevin and I had similar feeling for various reasons. Survivor's guilt they would say these days. Pat was really a Great person! Linnea and I keep in touch and have visited over the years. That little girl grew up. She and I cried together on a lonely Kodiak beach a few years back... I remembering my good friend...she Not remembering her father. It was quite the moment. I think telling her about her Dad was good for both of us.

   - Jimmy Ng



    Coast Guard Stripe - Interesting CG History


    At the culmination of a GREAT mini-reunion, I came home to this email sent from my former OPS Boss at Group/COTP NY (and later SECTOR NY).  I know sometime over the weekend we had the discussion (I'm sure at least Jimmy and Dick were there) of when we got the Coast Guard stripe!!    I heard at least 3 different answers (what did I expect). Here is the history of the STRIPE!!

   - Tom

From: "John OBrien"
To: Tgilmour
Subject: Interesting CG History


How The Coast Guard Earned Its Orange And Blue Stripes - by Diana Honings

     In the modern history of the United States Coast Guard, there has been a rapid shift from mistaken identity to a brand identity. The iconic orange and blue Racing Stripe painted on the bow of every USCG vessel provides a perfect example of an innovative solution to this identity problem. But where did the idea come from?





Dick & Trish's RV Feed  
Sunday - April 23
1700 - Cannery Pier hotel wine, salmon & cheese
1800 - Dick & Trish catered at RV park

    These photos are taken at the Dick & Trish's RV where we enjoyed wine, Brats,  Cheese (aged 5 years) and a little Schnapps for the cold and damp weather.


Jim, Jan & Kevin

Dick, Kevin & Jim
===== Monday, April 24 ======
Monday - April 24
0800 - Cannery Hotel - Meet for breakfast
Depart at will