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 Crossing the Bar (origin & meaning)
March 2015
- Jim Cooper issued this swabo to our class. 


        "There are a lot of classmates that we haven't heard from in a long, too long time and I am proposing a SWABO.  A call-out to all of our classmates to sound off and send a note that all is well with them and their loved ones.  So, Class of '72, let's hear from each and every one and let us know how you are doing, what you are doing and where you are doing it.  At the least, just send a note that you are in receipt of this.  Thanks.  And remember:


"Non pro uno, sed pro omnibus"

Not for one, but for all. 


Buck Bailey proposed adding these SWABO updates to the web site.

Kevin Scheid seconded.

So below you'll find our SWABO updates for your classmates.

Add'l SWABOs, updates, revisions, photos and suggestions are always welcome.


Ben Abiles
Pineapple, Slope
Home:  Seattle, WA
Nov 03:  Kissimmee, FL

Jim Alderson
Home:  Wilmington, DE
Nov 03:  Livermore, CA
Scott Anderson
Scotty, Ang,
Peanut Butter ANGELLY

Home:  Corvalis, OR
Bill Armstrong
Army, Froggie
Oslo, Norway
Nov 03:  Derry, NH
Merritt Aurich
Butch, Flounder
Lansing, IL
Nov 03:  Upper Marlboro, MD
Henry Baley
Duarte, CA
Nov 03:  East Sandwich, MA
Photo:  01  02
Henry Baley
Duarte, CA
Nov 03:  East Sandwich, MA
Photo:  01  02

  Buck & Nancy
at Devils Tower, WY - May 2014

New Ride - June 2014
[Click photo for larger image]
   Henry Bailey
- March 2015  

    Nancy and I are settled on Cape Cod, and still married after 42 years.

   I retired from the CG in 1998 the same time she completed law school and passed the bar.  Both kids were out of the house then, I returned from DC where my last tour was, and we were both out of jobs.  So for about 2 months that summer it was almost like a second honeymoon!  Then reality set in.

  She has been working as an elder law attorney, mostly as a guardian for elder clients, but only part time now.

   I went to work with a contractor for a while, then back as a DOT civil servant, doing software development for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
We tried moving to Northern Virginia in 2009, but it didn’t stick, and we moved back to the Cape in 2012 where I worked part time for a couple of years before retiring completely.
   Both kids are married and living in Northern Virginia with our three grandchildren.
   Current hobbies include motorcycles, geo-caching, computer games, an occasional golf game, and just tinkering around the house.  I also volunteer as a docent at the local CH Heritage Museum – mostly we old Coasties sit around and tell sea stories.  Once in a while we actually give tours. 


                                          USCG   Petryl Runion - Sept 2014

                                             [Click photos for larger images]


2003    Bill Bannister
Home:  Sunapee, NH
Nov 03:  Woodbridge, VA
Paul Barger
Home:  Poland, OH
Hampton Beasley

Hampton Beasley
Northampton, MA

Crossed the Bar
Nov 7, 2006



Obit:  Hampton collapsed at work yesterday afternoon and died shortly thereafter.

Sue Beasley
Home:  Beaufort, SC
Nov 03:  Mountainside, NJ

Gary Beck
Home:  Magna, UT
Aug 05: South Jordan, Utah
Photo:  01

Danny Benefield
Home:  Clearwater, FL
Nov 03:  New Orleans, LA
    Phil Bird
Home:  Youngstown, OH

Joseph Blanchard
Joe, Fly, Blanch Fly
Home: Millington, TN

Crossed the Bar
 March 31, 1998



Hank Blaney
Home:  Riverside, RI
Nov 03:  Annapolis, MD
Photo:  01
2003    John Boggs
Bozo, Jefe, Bogeyman
- You had to be there!
Home:  Scottsville, VA
Nov 03:  Williamsburg, VA
2003    John Boggs
Bozo, Jefe, Bogeyman
- You had to be there!
Home:  Scottsville, VA
Mar 2015:  Central valley in Costa Rica
   John Boggs - March 2015 
Just a little history cause I don’t think all know my past.  Entered the USAF as a young enlisted guy in 1965.  Spent a year in Laos when we were not there.  Returned to Williams AFB, AZ and was mentored by a USAF Maj who convinced me to apply to the Academy under the USAF Bootstrap Program. 

   After two years had to make a decision to stay or return to the Air Force.  I wanted to fly and the chances in the CG were slim based upon age.  Was sent to Texas Tech in Lubbock to finish my degree in Electrical Engineering and then to pilot training at Reese AFB… also in Lubbock… followed by four years as an instructor at Reese….. about 8 years in the panhandle – Ya-Whoo!.

   On to support the Army as a forward air controller flying the O-2A.  Completed the Marine Tactical Air Control Party course.  Masters in Public Admin Golden Gate Univ. Howard AFB, Panama as Chief of the Standardization/Evaluation branch in the O-2/A-37.  Made O-4.  A-7D training.  Flew the A-7D for three years as USAF advisor to Vaang then attended USAF Air Command and Staff College.  Made O-5 while at ACSC.  Back to Panama for a command billet in the A-7D.  Kicked Noriega out and then transitioned to the F-16.  Daughter born in Panama – I was 45.  Air War College.  Made O-6.  Command of Coronet Nighthawk counter drug operation under JTF-4 Key West.  Retired in ’93.  Took a year off to build a house in Williamsburg, VA.  Worked for DoS for 5 years in Angola and Colombia.  ABD International Affairs GW Univ ( I refused to write). Then to the contracting world with ANSER at Langley AFB, Titan / L-3 / MPRI at JFCOM/JECC.  Divorce. 

   Signed on with Shine Systems at the National Ground Intel Center in C’ville, VA. Remarried and retired for good in 2012.  Now living in the mountains of the central valley in Costa Rica.  One hell of a ride and the Academy and the Class of ’72 made that ride happen!  Pura Vida.
   I absolutely owe my career to the Class of ’72……. It certainly was  not a direct career path…. But by God it worked……. The Academy vectored  me big time…. And you guys have no idea how much you changed my life … and I love you for it…….

Harry E Bohm

Crossed the Bar
 May 1, 2015



Steve Borloz
Home:  Westwood, NJ
- -
Bob Brooks
Home:  Pittsburgh, PA
   Bob Brooks
- March 2015 
   Been living in Mobile, Al for 37 years now. My life was not as I would have scripted it, but I am here and doing well. Changed wives and careers every 14 years. Currently single but in a relationship with a wonderful women, Jane, a redhead some of you met at the 40th. Given the current state of Social Security it is a financial disincentive to marry....
   Have two sons and two granddaughters, all living here in Alabama. My oldest son graduated Annapolis and spend 10 years on SSN's ( a very scary thought). Currently working for Lockheed Martin. The youngest son went to Auburn ( I have not forgiven him for that...Roll Tide) and is still in the Auburn area, but he does have my two granddaughters.

   For the last 20 years I have been a catastrophe adjuster. Good money, hard work and work less than 6 months out of the year. Currently working South of Boston...wishing I was back in Mobile.. Forecast for 80 today. Can't really retire, nothing to retire from.

    My greatest joy has been Futbol (Soccer). played competitively for about 37 years, the last 10 years not so much, was the oldest living soccer player in Mobile at the age of 62...then had my knee damage of 30 years replaced 2 years ago...thinking about making a comeback. Referee'd for 30 years and trained most of the referee's south of Montgomery. Currently State Director of High School Soccer for Southern Alabama.

   Great hearing from y'all. Think about many of you frequently.
   2003   Erroll Brown
Home:  St. Petersburg, FL
Nov 03:  Woodbridge, VA
Photo:  01
Clarence Brown
Home:  Santa Rosa, CA
Larry Brudnicki
Home:  Bellmaur, NJ
Nov 03:  Sunapee, NH
Photo:  01
2003    Rich Buckingham Home:  Westbury, NY
Nov 03:  Tall Timbers, MD
Photo:  01
Rich & Family (2015)
[ Click photo for larger image ]
   Rich Buckingham
- March 2015 


    Punched out of CG in ’92 as a lawyer, then spent almost 7 yrs working as a trial attorney for DOJ, followed by 13 yrs as a Navy lawyer at NAVSEA in DC.  Barb & I have been married 42+ yrs and we’re settled in extreme Southern Maryland near the mouth of the Potomac where we live on the water with our sailboat out back.  We have 3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, & 11 grandkids (see photo).  Been retired since 2012, but don’t feel retired; spend lots of time volunteering with our church and its BSA Troop, as we’ll as traveling to see our spread-out family (sons in Hawaii, the UK, & Western Maryland). 

   It is, and always has been, a GREAT privilege to be a member of ’72.
One last note: did you guys know John Boggs used to be a fighter pilot? 


Rex Buddenburg
Sexy Rexy
Home:  Gothenburg, NE
   Rex Buddenburg
- March 2015  
   USCG career included WAGB, boating safety staff, WHEC, Loran Station, coastal Group.  Then comms degree from NPS ... where I met MJ.  Followed by 6 years, four jobs, in CGHQ (CIC automation, differential GPS, WLB command/nav design, SPS-73 radar).  Retired in 1992.

   MJ put the twist on arm to move back to Monterey, her home town.  Year later found myself on NPS faculty teaching networking.  Two decades later, had a long shelf full of theses I'd advised as well as a couple bottom-up revolutions in comms systems in USMC and Army that former students engineered.  Emergency services comms in civilian sector less amenable to sensible improvements...;-(  (These guys are worse at program planning that USCG).  

   Now retired-retired like many of the rest of us, but consulting shingle is out.  Adult daughter working in San Jose area.  
Chris Burns
Home:  Hanover, PA
Nov 03:  Hanover, PA
   Chris Burns
- March 2015  

    I married Toni just 3 days after graduation.   Mel Demmit; Ed Thompson, Gary Frago and Jim Norton held an arch of swords for us.  We have two children, Antonia and Griffin, who both live in Los Angeles and two grandchildren (4 years and 7 months).   We are healthy.  They are all healthy. 
   You can see Griffin, an actor, in the latest Red’s Green Apple Ale Commercial – the curly headed white-boy who gets hit in the head with an apple.
   In work life, I got to do what I always wanted to do – fly people around in an airliner.  I flew as Captain of the 737-200,300 and 400 models for most of my career at a time when airline travel was still special.  Hot meals were served in coach on legs as short as an hour; the cockpit wasn’t locked; flight attendants were under 50; crews had fun working and  pay and work conditions were still very good.  It was a different world.
   I punched out of the airline in spring of 2005.  After three bankruptcies and a series of mergers, there was no visible upside.   I have never regretted that decision.  For the first time in my life, I was able to participate in regular church, social and community activities that normal people take for granted.   I like retirement.
   In August of 1990, I bought the family farm here in Hanover, PA from my then aging parents.  We have lived here ever since.  It’s a place of deep meaning for me with roots growing out of my feet and into the soil.  They’ll probably have to carry me out of here horizontal. 
   I have enjoyed an active intellectual life since my 30’s.  Today, I read and write from roughly 7 AM till noon.  I write social commentary usually in the form of OpEd length columns or longer essays, and I engage in numerous community forums where thinking people gather to discuss ideas.   Afternoons are spent in physical labor.
   Toni and I travel to the west coast a lot, but we also usually get away for our own (non-family-visiting travel) at least once a year.  

  Art Butler
Home:  Marysville, MI
Nov 03:  Plymouth, MI
Gil Calhoun
Home:  Tarrytown, GA
Steve Campbell03/04/18
Home:  Cypress, CA
March 2018:  Round Rock, TX
William Carson
Home:  Glenside, PA
Woody Collins
  Wood-eye, Woody
Home:  Novato, CA
Jim Cooper
Home:  Seattle, WA
Jan 06: Palmer, Alaska
   Jim Cooper
- March 2015  

     As I started this, I forgot to put down what I, we are doing. Home still in Alaska but currently residing mostly in the Portland, OR area on a floating home that we placed a ridiculous offer on and the buyer accepted. Spent an enormous amount of time renovating. Same with me, wife still the same after 42 + years. Oldest son lives in Richmond, VA, middle son a CDR in USCG works in same kind of job Fuzzy did; for the whitehouse on National Security Staff; daughter lives about 45 miles south of Portland (which is why we are here I guess). Cheri just last week had a total knee replacement so we are busy doing rehab. Other than that, things are well.


  Craig Coy
Home:  Odenton, MD
Nov 03:  Boston, MA
Gary Coye
Home:  Bellingham, WA
Art Crostik
Art Crostick

Art Crostick

Crossed the Bar
 March 4, 2008



Obit: Former Juneau resident Arthur E. Crostick died suddenly on March 4, 2008, at his winter home in Oro Valley, Ariz. He was 58.

Wife - Sharon Crostick

Home:  Tukwilla, WA

Mike Crye
Home:  Knoxville, TN
Nov 03:  Silver Spring, MD
   Mike Crye
- March 2015

   Still in Washington.  After me and the cruise industry got tired of each other in June 2012, I took some time and have slowly gotten back into government relations (recovering lawyer here) on my own time and my own schedule.  I just bought a beastly Grand Cherokee with the intent of buying a second hand travel trailer (anyone know of a decent one less than 7,000 of pull weight.  My intent is to take around to see some of the places I havent been to do some hunting and fishing and hiking.  


   My daughter is in New Orleans and my son graduating from the Citadel this spring.  Wife is teaching kids cooking after school programs that somewhat limits travel during the school year.  Would be nice to hook up with some of you with either a fishing rod or shotgun or even deer rifle sometime.



    2003    Mike DeCesare
Home:  San Antonio, TX
Nov 03:  Houston, TX
Mel Demmitt
Jungle Bunny

Home:  Brooklyn, NY
Tim Doherty
Home:  Weymouth, MA
Nov 03:  Yorktown, VA
Photo:  01
Pete Dolan
Home:  Woodland Hills, CA
Nov 03:  Novato, CA
Paul Duddy
Home:  New City, NY
Aug 07:  Peekskill, NY
Few may remember - Paul was a classmate for one year after reverting from 71
Bob Duncan6/12/13
Home:  Cedarhurst, NY
2006: Alexandria, VA
Photo:  01
   Bob Duncan
- March 2015

     Well, I have to answer a SWABO! , if only to share that Annette pointed out that a LOT of you ( us) olde timers were reading email, and replied, at 4:00 pm on a Monday ( it is Monday, right?). And that doesn't factor in that it is significantly earlier for you in more western time zones.  
   Since I retired, I worked in telecomms ventures, consulting, and did some speaking and writing. I am currently enjoying working with non-profits and professional organizations. Annette and I will be celebrating our 39th this summer.
   In the past year we welcomed our 1st two grand-children ( 1 ea.) and, building on a theme I see in this thread, we are anxiously following their development and hoping they converge, soon, on one coast ( wife is working on the California crew to move back east; soonest).

   All here are well and we are really enjoying this chapter of life. Home-ported in Alexandria, Va. Always happy to meet classmates for lunch in DC.

   Best regards & Go {Keep Going} Bears!
  Galen Dunton6/12/13
Home:  Maine
Tony Dupree
Duper, Bubba
Home:  Dudley, NC
Mike Egan
Home:  Sunnyside, WA
Nov 03:  Oakton, VA
Marty Eger3/20/14
Home:  Youngsville, NY
Dec 02:  West Chester, OH
Dave Engan
Home:  Westchester, PA
Chuck Farnsworth11/16/15
Home:  Howell, VA
Nov 2015; Lakeside Village, VA
   Chuck Farnsworth
- November 2015
    Currently living at Lakeside Village in Va. Creating a retirement homestead in Central Va. Wife, Ann, of 42 years and puppy dog, Bella, enjoying retirement and gardening. Still have very fond memories of CGA and active duty career, but have long since moved on. Active in homeowners association and volunteer projects. Still look for CGA in military B-ball tournaments etc and other news. Go Bears!
Bill Fels

Glen Burnie, MD
Wife Carol
Curley Ann

Bill Fels

Crossed the Bar
 Sept 13, 2005



Obit:  Bill died from heart failure from hodgkin's disease.

Widow:  Bill & Carol Fels
Nov 03:  Novato, CA
Jan 06: Carol is currently living
in Wilmington, NC

Dick Fish
Smacky, Smacky Jack, 
Smackwater Jack
Home:  Marengo, IL
Nov 03:  Salem, WI
John Foley
Home:  Woburn, MA
Paul Foreman
Woodstock, Gull
Home:  San Jose, CA
Nov 03:  Houston, TX
Photo:  01
Harry Forster
Home:  Pittsburgh, PA
Ken Forsythe
Home:  Middleton, RI
Gary Frago
Home:  Santa Cruz, CA
Clay Fust
Home:  Columbus, OH
Larry Gansz
Home:  Savannah, NY
 2003   Mike Garwood
Home:  Louisville, KY
Nov 03:  San Antonio, TX
John Giglio
Home:  Edison, NJ
   John Giglio
- March 2015


    My wife and I live in Napa, CA, where we’ve lived for the last 25 years or so.  I’m still working, selling B2B software, and enjoying it.  My son lives and works in the Bay Area.  My daughter, (some of you may remember, when she was six weeks old I carried her onto the Jones Field when we marched on at our 20th reunion), is working in Napa and getting ready for grad school.
   Aside from working, I have become an amateur chef and I fiddle about with my car.  Mostly, though, I play drums and sing in a band with several other sixty-somethings.  We rehearse two nights a week and play gigs on the weekends.  It’s very therapeutic.  I can hit those drums as hard as I want, and they never hit back!

Fred Gill
Home:  Grand Rapids, OH
Nov 03:  Riva, MD
Dennis Gillespie3/27/15
Prince of Wales, Omar the Tentmaker,
Knutu (Eskimo for No Neck)

Home:  Browns Mills, NJ
May 2013: Bluffton, SC
   Dennis Gillespie
- March 2015


    Gillespie, Sir; New Jersey, Sir; Request permission to retire and relocate to South Carolina, Sir?"


    Permission granted, make it so... I married Jean in October 1973 while serving aboard CGC Dallas in NY; 3 months later got orders to USS Blakely, Charleston SC (in the infamous CG-USN JO Exchange Program), then transferred to CGHQ in D.C., summer 1975. 


    Left Active duty in August 1977, took Reserve commission & moved back home to NJ.  Spent 16 more years in CGR, nice duty up & down Jersey coast, Cape May to Sandy Hook, mixed in with occasional tours on Gov's Island.  My first reserve CO billet as a LT in 1978 was the unit at CG Station Barnegat Light, which was part of CG Group Atlantic City, commanded by one LCDR Thad Allen.  (Had a feeling he was destined for big things - great guy, terrific leader). 


    Retired as O-5 from CGR in 1993 and when I turned 60 they started sending me a monthly check, which is nice.  In NOV 2012 I retired after 25 years with Lockheed Martin, at which point Jean & I started looking to move south, away from NJ taxes, cold, & snow.  Moved to "the lowcountry" in May 2013 and have been fully retired and loving it ever since.  We have 2 sons, Patrick in Boston and Jim in Matawan NJ, both gainfully employed and married with children:  4 grandsons, 1 granddaughter, love seeing them 4 or 5 times a year but also don't mind being 800+ miles away either.


    All the best to the great Class of '72.


2003   Tom Gilmour 9/25/16
Home:  Springfield, OR
Sept 11
Eugene, OR
Photo:  01

25# Siuslaw Chinook
(Click photo for larger view)
   Tom Gilmour
- September 2016
   After retiring from the Coast Guard in 2006 and the American Bureau of Shipping in 2011, Tom and Jan moved to Eugene, Oregon where they are enjoying retired life.  It is great to live in a college town with all the sporting and cultural events that are available.  We are also enjoying the Oregon outdoors by fishing, hiking and camping in our travel trailer.  Our kids are spread around with Beth in Virginia Beach and David in Houston so we see different parts of the US when we visit.  When it rains during the winter we travel to sunny climes with recent trips to Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama.  Retirement is good and we hope to see you all at our 45th.
Glenn Gipson
Gip, Gipper
Home:  Langley AFB, VA
Photo:  01


Ron Gonski


 Northampton, MA

Crossed the Bar
Oct 16, 1996



Obit:  Ron died from metasthesized lung cancer (the originating tumor was never found).  Ron and his whole family fought a good battle for 6 months from the diagnosis until he passed away. 

Widow: Janet Gonski
Nov 03:  Crofton, MD

Jim Gormanson1/21/16
Home:  Chattanooga, TN
May 2013: Fulshear, TX
Hugh Grant
Home:  Leesburg, VA
Nov 03:  Dumfries, VA
Mike Gray
Home:  Jackson, AL
Joel Gunderson
Home:  Burlington, WA
Laird Hail
Home:  Seattle, WA
Nov 03:  Bainbridge Island, WA
Bob Hallock
Home:  Opa Locka, FL
Nov 03:  Savannah, GA
Gordy Hanson
GordoHome:  Damascus, MD
Aug 05: Foster City, CA
Dean Harder

Home:  Taft, CA
Nov 03:  Scottsdale, AZ
   Dean Harder
- March 2015

   My wife, Carolyn and I semi-retired to a golf community in Weeki Wachee, FL in the fall of 2013.  Since retiring from the CG in 98, we've lived in Scottsdale and Prescott, AZ, DC area and finally FL.  We both work for an engineering and emergency management firm that contracts to FEMA and state governments for major disaster recovery work.  I began working for that company during the early stages of Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts and spent almost 3 years in Louisiana.

   When we're not deployed, we're retired-retired.  No time for golf yet though house renovations ongoing when not deploying, but that is scheduled to change next year.  

   Our daughter and 2 granddaughters are in Alexandria, VA, and our son is living in San Francisco.  We're looking forward to settling down and enjoying life even more!


  2003 Mike Hathaway
Turk, Turkey
Home:  Kettering, OH
Dec 03:  Huntington Beach, CA
Photo:  01
Tim Healey
Home:  Fremont, CA
Nov 03:  West Hartford, CT
Photo:  01  02
Gary Heil
Home:  Rockville, MD
Norm Henslee
Home:  Charleston, SC
Nov 03:  Springfield, VA
   Norm Henslee
- March 2015


    Still living and working in the auto industry in Northern Virginia area as my youngest attends University of Virginia as a first year and my wife, Penny, finishes her government career.  My oldest son teaches high school in Greer, SC and my second son is a civil engineer (yes, Norton) in Greenville, SC. 


    Finally making plans to retire in the next few years, likely to the Myrtle Beach area.  Not too hot, not too cold, decent cost of living, lots of activities for the older crowd and young at heart, and close to all the kids.  Lots to do still – selling two houses, terminating part ownership in the company, building the ultimate retirement home, etc.  Looking forward to an end of work and total retirement which means more time traveling, seeing the kids, and just enjoying life. 


    Jeff Hibbitts
Home:  Villa Park, CA
Jeff Hill
Home:  Terre Haute, IN
Paul Howard
Home:  Winthrop, MA
Nov 03:  Stratham, NH
2003    Bob Innes
Home:  Phoenix, AZ
Nov 03:  Serving in Yemen
Photo:  01 

Robert Innes


Skinny Inn-ee

Crossed the Bar
   July 8, 2008


Obit:  Bob passed away on July 8th  in New Orleans, LA from an apparent heart attack. 

   Bob is survived by his son, Michael T. Innes of Metairie, LA; his sisters, Robin Innes of Santa Ana, CA, and Jeanne Innes Davis of Buckeye, AZ; his brother, Harry Innes of Phoenix, AZ and several nieces and nephews. 

Greg Johnson  6/11/13

Home: Home:  Lake Oswego, OR
Jul 2011:  Red Lion, PA
   Greg Johnson
- March 2015

     Retired from active duty Aug 2000.  Most of my CG career was as a Naval Engineer but the last six years was privileged to be appointed the Program Manager (and Commanding Officer of a Navy command) for the Design, Construction, and ice testing of CGC HEALY, now 15 years old.  After HEALY formally passed her ice trials, Sharon and I retired and left the DC-MD area for the Pacific Northwest, built my bride's dream home on the west side of Puget Sound and there we had planned to stay...I continued working out of my home as a ship design and supportability consultant but alas, in 2011 our parents had passed away and our son and daughter in law and our teenaged adopted grandkids called us to Southcentral PA.  Red Lion PA is just outside of York, it is rural, conservative, and farm country. You may remember I married an Oregon farm girl and Sharon is still my lovely bride of 43 years in June.  We built a home on 2 acres about 10 minutes from our son, planted a mimi orchard, some berries, and have a garden.  Even built Sharon a small barn and green house which she had on my work list for years.  But it is so awesome to be near our boy and the three "grandkids" we adopted when they were new borns of neighbors while in DC-MD back in the 90's.
    Am now retired-retired.  So to fill my time I got trained and certified as a golf fitting and repair technician and work 15-20 hrs a week at Dicks Sporting Goods in the pro shop.  Saturday mornings I am a starter and ranger at a local golf resort (Heritage Hills in York) and my "pay" is free golf at Heritage and their sister course nearby.  The downside of PA is that golf is non existent from about mid December to winter I think I am going to do a golf circuit in FL.  Sharon and I are active in church- Every other Tues morning Sharon leads a group of moms who support and mentor about 80 moms with young children, and on Wed nights we lead a homegroup of 12 in our home.   But my most favorite volunteer work is as a CGA Admissions Partner.  Been doing this for 15 years now-in Puget Sound and now in Red Lion.  I keep track of and assist students in a two-county area who have a desire to and eventually complete their applications to the Academy.  This year there are four soon-to-be SWABs within a 20 mile radius of me..very unusual.  I present them their appointments at their HS Awards ceremonies and then keep in touch with them and their parents as they go through SWAB summer and their four years at CGA and beyond.  I have met the most awesome young people and families through this process and it has made Sharon and me feel a part of our community and has kept me in close touch with CGA.  I do this with passion as a way to give back to CGA.  I feel very blessed to have been a CGA cadet, to be a classmate of the great class of 72, and to have served our country in the US Coast Guard.  Semper Paratus, Go Bears, Go 72
Fred Johnson5/26/15
Home:  Concord, CA
May 2015 Cowiche, WA
 2003  Scott Jones
Wife Patty: Peppermint Patti
Home:  Little Rock, AR
Nov 03 Sachse, TX
Photo:  01  02  Class
Joe Jones6/12/13
Home:  Seattle, WA
Jun 2013: Gales Ferry CT & Wash DC
James Kehoe

James Kehoe

Crossed the Bar
Summer 1969


Obit:  During 3rd class summer cruise aboard Mackinaw while moored in Cheboygan MI, Jim was swimming with some classmates in the river nearby the ship while on liberty when somehow he got caught in the river current and drowned.
Frank Kishman
Killer, Kish
Home:  Marcellus, NY
Nov 03:  Cooper City, FL
Chuck Klingler3/27/15

Home:  Santa Barbara, CA
Nov 03:  Gambrills, MD
Rich Knee
Home:  Mount Vernon, NY
Nov 03:  Chesapeake, VA
Ray Kostuk
Home:  Mranvile, NJ
Bruce Kreger
Kreegs, Batman
Home:  Scotch Plains, NJ
2012    Joe Kyle
Magnolia Mouth
Home:  New Orleans, LA
Jun 2012: Birmingham, Alabama
and Yucatan, Mexico since January 2011
   Joe Kyle
- March 2015


   Retired in August of '92 in Juneau, where as D17(ole) I sat on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council for RADM Ciangalini. Consequently I had a lot of exposure to seafood industry execs and politicians and it seemed like I would never have a better opportunity to transition to another career.

   So I and another Council member started a Public Consultancy, doing mostly government affairs work in the marine transportation and seafood industry. It worked out quite well for us. I was a registered lobbyist for about a decade, and lobbied alot in Juneau and a couple of bills in DC for clients. I served one term on the Fish Council as a Voting member. Didn't care for those cut throat politics all that much. After about 12 years our top client (a seafood company we started and grew) was taking most of our time, So we shut down our partnership and became employees, my partner became CEO and I was COO and CFO.  Retired completely in January 2011.

   My second wife is a huge fan of the Mayans, and Mexico in general. We had acquired property in the Yucatan in 2009, and began building on it in November of 2010. Took almost two years to complete everything, and they were a great learning experience for me. Learning Spanish, how to build a home in a foreign country, and so on was a lot of fun, and educational. We are one hour south of Merida, city of a million and capital of the Yucatan, and four hours from Cancun. Spend about 6 months of the year down there, and 6 in the states, with Birmingham, Alabama as our home plate. We really enjoy the tranquility our life in a small Mayan village. Lisa has started an English language school in the village, and she supervises our two daily employees that the homestead needs. I mostly goof off, reading, playing Tiger Woods EA Sports golf, ignoring US politics, hit the elliptical machine for an hour a day, and otherwise function as an ATM machine, giving out pesos as my wife directs. Got to visit with Pat and Lori Stillman in Cancun last March. And we hosted former Connies Carol Proctor McCurdy and Peggie Ford for a week that February.

   In the US, trying to make up for all those years in Alaska by making every significant event I can with family and old friends; weddings, graduations, funerals. Hope to travel more. Did manage to do four weeks in France last April/May, and 10 days in Northern Ireland for Christmas 2012. My brother and family live in Birmingham too, so I get to a lot of Auburn home games on his tickets, and enjoy his house and water activities on Lake Martin most weekends between April and the 4th of July. Daughter Tara lives in Menlo Park, Ca and works in communications for U of San Francisco. Daughter Megan works at the Peace and Justice Center at U of San Diego. So both girls work for Catholic Universities, go figure. Tara will be married this June to a guy she met several years ago at a wedding in Mystic, who is from West Hartford. Megan still single.

   Have done one goofy thing in real retirement. A buddy of mine and I built a Carwash in San Antonio where he lives in 2008. It turned out so good he built another with different partners, and now I'm invested in a second one, his third. They do really well, and help with retirement income. Never ever ever dreamed I would be in the car wash business - long tunnel type, free vacuums, in and out in three minutes. What fun!

Greg Lapp
Lapp Dog
Home:  Rancho Cordava, CA
John Larned
Home:  East Providence, RI
Nov 03:  Thornton, PA
Photo:  01
Gordon Lawrence
Home:  Camillos, NY
Craig Leisy
Home:  Hialeah, FL
Jan 07: Seattle, WA
2012    Fred Litchliter
Broadway Fred
Home:  Picayune, MI
May 2012: Slidell, LA
Tom Love
Home:  Roslyn Heights, NY
2003    John Malmrose
Home:  Grand Rapids, MN
Nov 03:  Aiken, SC
   John Malmrose
- March 2015


   Retired from CG 1992 and went to work for SC Higher Ed as facilities mgr.  Retired from SC  Higher Ed in April 2013 (MUSC Chief Facilities Engineer).  Enrolled in SS in May 2014.  Getting ready to transition to Medicare and Tricare for Life in May.  All automatic if I understand correctly.

   Still happily maried to Sue after 42 years.  My son is preparing to retire from Army within the next few months.  W4, Apache Longbow attack helicopter pilot and maintenance test pilot.  4 combat tours.  Way too many for anybody.  Terrific wife and 4 great kids.  My daughter is a wonderful care giver and mother of 5.  Her oldest is in her seconded year of college, and her next oldest is planning for college next year.  Grand kids are amazing.

   I was diagnosed with cancer in Dec 2011, had surgery in Jun 2012, cancer resurfaced in Dec 2012.  Aggressive treatment plan began May 2013.  Should be finished in May 2016.  So far so good.  Got a viral bain infection in Aug 2013 in the middle of radiation treatments.


    Affected me physically and mentally.  Still rehabbing with much improvement. Took up golf (not good but having fun) and am enjoying time with Sue and planning to travel some now that medical appointments are beginning to spread out. 


   Sue has been a faithful partner throughout, and literally saved my life when brain infection presented.  Honda VTX is my bike, still a conservative, active in church, so nice to live in SC.

Loren Marovelli
Home:  Levittown, PA
Nov 06: Darby, MT
Updated 11/22/04
6/20/12 - Marv published his new web site
for Marine Technical Consultants
John Martin
Home:  Tom's River, NJ
Mike Matune
Home:  Youngstown, OH
Jan 06: Centerville, VA
and works at Exxon-Mobil
Photo:  01
   Mike Matune
- March 2015


    After graduation Maureen and I got married. For reasons that sometimes escape me, she has stayed. Along the way we have had three children, all of whom have married and given us Grandchildren, ten in all. Jennifer and Michael live very close by, while Julie is a little over three hours away.

   Our first duty station was USCGC Winona in Port Angeles, WA, followed by USCGC Point Brower in San Diego and RCC in CCGD9 Cleveland, OH. A big change came when I left the USCG and joined Mobil Oil (later ExxonMobil) in 1980. After assignments in the Midwest selling and engineering commercial lubricants to industrial accounts, we moved to a headquarters assignment in Fairfax, VA in 1986, where we still live.

   My experiences in the oil business were many and varied including both domestic and international work, although I was always domiciled here. My final assignment was in European Planning, from which I retired a few years back after some health issues (quadruple bypass & brain tumor) told me it was time. Retirement has proven to be part of an effective treatment plan, as there fortunately have been no relapses or reoccurrences of any of these past issues.

   Our retirement seems to encompass two things. First off, we have the honor and privilege (that’s how it has been explained to me) of watching four of our Grandchildren three days a week. It’s great to get to know them and have them know us, but must say that with their energy level, we aren’t volunteering to expand our babysitting duties. Secondly we have entered a second career of sorts involving photography and writing about cars, a couple of long time passions. We concentrate on Concours and vintage road racing, which gives us an excuse to do some traveling and meet great folks.


    Here is an example of our most recent Event Summary covering this month’s Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance:

   Attached is an article published a couple years back:

      Magazine:   "Vintage Racecar"        April 2013

      Article:         "Extraordinary Men"   by M. M. "Mike" Matune, Jr


Chuck McCarthy
Home:  Chula Vista, CA
Dec 16:  Waterford, CT


March 2015 - Charlie just before his morning Calculus II class.  Note the silver “JG” stripes and the AUX hat in the background.

   Chuck McCarthy
- December 2016


    Retired as a school district business manager in 2013.  After a year of boredom, started getting more active in the Coast Guard Auxiliary; and, as part of their augmentation program, I volunteered to teach one section of Calculus to 4/c cadets at CGA.  Yes, they are now 4/c cadets.  They are only swabs during swab summer and become 4/c cadets when they are officially welcomed into the corps just before the academic year begins.  My class loves to hear stories of what it was like being a swab nearly a half century ago!  Also qualified in the AUX as boat crew, private aide to navigation inspector, and recreational vessel inspector in addition to finishing my first year as vice flotilla commander and division staff officer for finance.  Basically traded the gold for the silver and started all over again!  After my volunteer year I was hired as a 4-day a week temp – back in the math department again.  That turned into a two year tour which will end in May, 2017, when I’ll retire (and maybe go back to volunteering) again.  Time gets eaten up by the kids, grand kids, my 79 Vette, my wife’s 65 Mustang and the 19 foot hole in the water into which we pour money. 


   My wife, Robbie, and I live in Waterford, CT., with beautiful views of Niantic Bay and River. 



2012    Jim McCarthy  11/11/2018
Home:  Kettering, OH
Jun 2017:  Dorchester, MA
(residental area of Boston MA)
   Jim McCarthy
- November 2018


    Chris and I are settled in Dorchester, MA.   We have been married 46 years (next mo.) and are blessed to have 3 children (Trevor, Vanessa, and Brent) and are known as Nana and Pops to our 2 grandchildren (an 8 year old girl and 4 yr old boy).
     I am getting a little ahead of myself so let me give a quick summary of how I got here now.  Guess we all know CGA graduation day and how excited we all were to get to our first shipboard tours.  Mine took me some 7000 miles away to Hawaii.   I met JARVIS (WHEC-725), a spanking new 378 in Honolulu in July. 

We were scheduled to go to Vietnam but the end-of-war Armistice was signed so JARVIS remained in Honolulu.  Deployments included numerous Ocean Station (November) and several Alpats (one of which was quite harrowing when JARVIS grounded, flooded, and we came close to abandon ship.  During the 1st year, I applied to Flight school but b/c all our classmates had been accepted, I decided to apply for and was accepted into PG school (NavArc/Marine Eng).  While waiting to go, I was transferred to Boating Safety (San Francisco) as a pleasure boat accident investigator.  I left San Fran after 2 years and went to and earned 2 MSEs from U of M.  Now a LT, I decided to go into the “M” world so I was transferred to GOVIS and lived on base across from Yankee pier where the 378s tied up.  Did 4 years in the hull, machinery and electrical sections, reviewing ship plans and got to travel to Japan, Korea, Denmark and USA.  When transfer season came, CG’s budget was very low so I was transferred to MIO, NY as a rookie inspector.  MIO didn’t like that because now, I was a LCDR and was significantly more senior to the other 2nd and 3rd tour inspectors who would be training me.  However, all worked out well as I got assigned as senior inspector traveling overseas.  I spent some 2 years in Finland inspecting the construction of 3 semi-submersible oil rigs, and did oil rig inspections in places like Saudi Arabia, performed Dry Dock inspections in Athens/Tunisia/ French Riviera, life raft inspections in UK, and pressure vessel inspections in Denmark.  Best CG Job ever!   Next 3 assignments found me sent to and staying in Wash-DC (G-MMT, CG Marine safety Center, and R&D ) until I retired in ’93.     
     My first civilian job (Program Manager) found me supporting the Military Sealift Command, Wash-DC. After 3 years, my company lost the recomplete contract so I was on the street looking for a job.  Fortunately, my P.E. license helped me land a job with a NavArch firm supporting CG Naval Engineers (G-ENE) and Nat’l Parks Service (San Fran) on the old ships in Ghirardelli Sq.   After 3 yrs of long hours and having a terrible commute, I decided to look for a new job.  So in 1998 I found myself back in CG HQ again but this time in (G-A) as the Technical Director for the acquisition of a new MACKINAW (Best Civilian Job ever!) as I got to travel to Switzerland and Finland (again).  I worked there until my retirement in 2012.
     Throughout my working life, there were always classmates nearby that made working in the CG that much better.  We started and played softball and soccer together and shared family get-togethers and cookouts. There are no finer people in the world that you guys.   I am hopeful that in the near future, I rebuild the 2nd home I have in EASTHAM, CAPE COD to have summer parties on close by beaches and enough room accommodate those that would like to stay a while.  That home is 1.5 mi from the ocean and ľ mi from the bay.


    Bruce McCurdy  
Mac, Sand Blaster
Home:  Phoenix, AZ
Feb 06: Reston, VA & Maplewood, NJ
Brian McDonald
Dirty Bri
Home:  Coral Gables, FL
2003    Jim McEntire
Home:  Athens, GA
Jul 06: Sequim, WA
   Jim McEntire
- March 2015


    Am reminded by Joe Kyle’s note that there are at least two kinds of Southerners – those that talk too much, and those that talk not at all.  My Mom was of the first variety and my Dad of the second, although probably since he couldn’t get a word in edgewise!  I seem to take after my Mom. 


    Spent 10+ of my 28 officer years in ships, both black and white.  Only time on a red one (NORTHWIND, which was then painted white) was first class summer off Barrow AK.  Remainder of those 28 were largely spent as an officer-bureaucrat in CG HQ.  Made the fatal mistake of showing some aptitude for such work as a JG/LT in my first tour ashore, only to get punished with more of the same each time my parole was revoked (getting orders from an afloat tour back to shore duty). 


    Kim and I were married 3 days after graduation, and we produced three kids: Jeff, graduate of the Citadel and who is married to Marisa (Auburn U/USAF ROTC) with four kids in Mt. Pleasant SC – Marisa BTW is a civil engineer who worked for John Malmrose in facility engineering at the Medical U. of SC in Charleston – small world, no?  Becky is not yet married but dating an Aussie, and lives in Kirkland WA; and Beth is married to Gilbert, a wonderful man and a native of Zambia, with three kids in Yakima, WA.  Lost Kim to cancer in 1990, and married a second time – dismal failure, that one – enough said.  Married again in 2003 to Sherry who is a wonderful woman. 


    “Retired” the first time (from CG) in 2000, only to put a suit on and go to work this time as a real bureaucrat the following Monday.  After six more years of doing that in DC (Depts of Transportation, Labor, and Homeland Security) and a promotion to Senior Executive Service along the way, “retired” again to Sequim WA on the Olympic Peninsula.  Was having lunch one day with Jim Leskinovitch ’66, who Phil Volk introduced me to – have been consorting with a lot of airedales out here.  L+11’s an elected hospital commissioner in Port Angeles – was telling him how bored I was, whereupon he said “Why don’t you think about running for office?”  So I did.  Got elected first as a Port Commissioner and am running for re-election as a County Commissioner.  Who’d a thunk?  That was certainly never a part of any plan, but life takes some interesting turns. 


   It is really nice to hear from everyone and catch up.


    Dick Mead
Home:  Seattle, WA
Nov 03:  Winter Park, FL
Tom Meisenzahl
home:  Honeoye Falls, NY
Nov 03:  Salem, CT
Bruce Melnick7/3/13
Home:  Clearwater, FL
Nov 03:  Merritt Island, FL
John Merrill
Scotty, Knot Nut
Home:  Reading, MA
Nov 03:  Soldotna, AK
Jim Meyer
Home:  Tacoma, WA
Tom Meyers5/22/15
Home:  Miami, FL
Nov 03:  Cape Elizabeth, ME
Carlos Morales
Home:  Castroville, CA
   Carlos Morales
- March 2015


(said while making many chins, which seems to be easier to do these days)

    MORALES sir!  California sir!
   I’ve been retired from the U.S. Maritime Administration for almost a year now and am still trying to get the hang of retirement.  First thing I did was buy a used 40’ motor home but still have only done a bunch of small trips since my wife who is an RN thinks she is too young to retire just now.  Some day we’ll get around to seeing the whole country.
   Been living in Covington, Louisiana (just north of New Orleans across lake Ponchartrain) since ’81.  All my children are living within 60 miles except for my only daughter who is attending med school in Spartanburg S.C.  My sons are (1) a chef who does catering for movie production sets, (2) a civil engineer running the Baton Rouge office of Eustis engineering, (3) a college student finishing up his business degree at LSU this May, and (4)a college student who has one more year to go to finish up his mechanical eng degree at LSU.  Two sons and a daughter are married, but I still have no grandchildren.
   Me, I don’t golf but have been thinking about taking it up.  Most of my time is taken up with the Society of Saint Vincent De Paul in assisting the poor in our community.  I started the conference at our church a few years ago and became the president and I can’t get rid of the job.  I also work with one of the local nuns from the archdiocese who has an out reach program in the “hood”.  I work with a lot of the men who are mostly unemployed, some homeless, and lots of ex cons who can’t find jobs.  Right now we’re trying to start a farm project to grow watermelons.  A local farmer have leased us three of his acres for $1 and will teach us how to grow watermelons.  A lot of work, and it won’t make them rich, but otherwise they’d just be sitting in the park all day and getting drunk.
   I also volunteer one day a week at the hospital where my wife works.  I wanted to do brain surgery, but right now all they’re letting me do is wheelchair discharged patients from their room to their car.  They said in a few hundred years, I may work my way up to brain surgery.

2003    Jim Morton 9/26/16
Home:  Wakefield, MA
Sept 16:  Chesapeake, VA
Bob Mueller
Home:  Webster Groves, MO
Nov 03:  Wescosville, PA
John Murray
Jack, Fat Jack, Refrigerator Man
Home:  Eynon, PA
James Natwick  (Rev: 011/24/15)

Home:  Ada, MN
Nov 03:  Twin Valley, MN
 2003   Doug Neeb
Home:  Lindenhurst, NY
Nov 03:  Norwich, CT 

Doug Neeb

Da Neb

Crossed the Bar
March 6, 2006

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Obit Died of cancer and its affect on his heart.
Terry Newell  
Home: Home:  Gladewater, TX
Nov 03:  Orinda, CA
Jimmy Ng
Home:  Tacoma, WA
Nov 03:  Kodiak, AK
Brad Niesen
Home: Home:  Clearwater, FL
Nov 03:  Arlington, VA
 2014    Mark Noll 9/25/16
Neptune, Cowboy
Home:  Orlando, FL
Nov 2016:  Puyallup, WA  


Mark & Anne
   Mark Noll
- March 2015


    After graduation from CGA in '72, I married Anne 3 days later...and now 43 years

later, still happily married and living in Puyallup, WA.


    My working life included CGC Northwind, MIO Seattle, Univ of Michigan Grad School, CGHQ R&D, CGC Polar Sea and CGHQ Engineering. Retired in 1993 and hopped around a bit from JJ McMullen, CDI Marine, Antarctic Support Associates, Todd Shipyard Seattle and finally in 1996 landed a 15 year stint with Boeing 773 Divisionand then retired in 2011.


  Of interesting note on the Polar Sea, Anne was able to twice meet the ship on its homeward bound leg and ride the ship back to Seattle with me...once from Hawaii and once from Juneau. She throughly enjoyed both trips and had no problems with sea sickness.


   From 2007 to 2009, I had 4 hip replacements (right, right became infected, temp hip installed, then final right hip, and then the left hip).  Anne had a left knee replacement but it did not turn out well for her and she still has difficulty flexing the knee.


    Our two sons are doing well...Jared is a bar tender in Tacoma, WA (and sings with a band on the side) and Andrew is a journeyman electrican in Burien, WA. Neither are kids or grand kids.  Anne deals with her medical issues daily and this has restricted our ability to travel very much. Angel, our Miniature Australian Shepherd, has been a great comfort to her. Anne is in love with the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd breeds.  Anne is now improving and we're planning on a couple trips within the next year.  She is so excited and already in the planning and shopping mode.


    Retirement is keeping me busy as a HOA Board member, managing web sites and email DLs, working around the house and sleeping late. Anne and I spend a lot of quality time together watching programs she is really interested in and going out for dinner.


Jim Norton
Crazy Ed
Home:  Framingham, MA
Nov 03:  Quaker Hill, CT
2003    John O'Neill
Home:  West Babylon, NY
Nov 03:  Houston, TX


   John O'Neill - March 2015


    I am still working for American Bureau of Shipping ABS (36 years now) and living in Houston. I never did get married and therefore have no children (lifelong bachelor) but it has worked out OK (dating here & there but nothing serious). I am hoping to retire in another 2 or 3 years. Ran into Wayne Ogle & Tom Gilmour here when they were CG Liason (Oggs) or VP for ABS Americas (Tom) and also have been seen Jim Gormanson (he currently works for Noble Drilling in Sugar Land and his daughter Mary is a Surveyor with ABS).
   Not much else to tell (pretty boring life) but I am content. Maybe I’ll run into some of the guys – who knows ? (If I am still alive, I will definitely try to make it to our 50th, God willing).

Chris Oberst
Obie, Neuman, Rughead
Home:  East Meadow, NY
Dec 17:  Gainesville, GA
Steve Osmer   (Rev: 011/24/15)
Home:  Hudson, NH
May 03: Campton, NH


   Steve Osmer - March 2015


    Waiting for this classmate.  Decided to catch up on my class emails and respond.  


    Just got back from a great morning of great spring skiing with Carole, my wife of 42+ years.  We received a couple of inches of fresh powder during the night and it continued to flurry the whole time we were on the slopes.  More snow is in the forecast for the weekend, guess I won't be putting up my skies or snowshoes quite yet.  


    I've enjoyed reading the SWABOS and what has been happening with classmates.  I read the other emails but like many others do not often respond.  


    And like many others, Carole and I got married a few days after graduation, June 10th.  We have 4 daughters and 8 grandkids, 8th born this past January.  3 of the girls and their families are in Northern Virginia, and our youngest is out in Washington.  


    I retired from CG in '94 at CGHQ, and answered a newspaper ad and got a job with an 8(a) managing their newly won CG contract.  Moved to another 8(a) with that contract and won several more CG contracts.  The 8(a) was acquired by a large company and I finally retired after a year for good in 2008....after almost 40 years working for the CG in various capacities.  


    I enjoyed working with the 8(a)'s, and the CG contracts allowed me to help support most of the programs of the CG, not just in the DC area but all around the country.  Probably the best part of my civilian career was working with several classmates on these contracts, including Chuck Klingler, Paul Barger, and Hugh Grant.  During the 14 years managing contracts I was able to 'hire' many other Coasties, both officer and enlisted, and introduce a few civilian hires to the service who later entered the active CG.  Among my first hires was Tom and Wanda Yearout's daughter Karen; she was one of several very well qualified CG offspring who found themselves supporting the service via these contracts.  


    In '03 we decided it was time to move back to NH from Northern VA.  In December '03 we moved into the house that Carole designed, sits at about 1400 ft altitude on a hill that gives us @180 degree view of the White Mtns (we are very close to several ski areas and numerous hiking trails).  We are in the small town of Campton.  


    My folks moved in with us in July '04; Carole had designed the main floor to be ADA with an in-law section.  Her parents had already passed away.  My mom died in '08, and my dad who will be 90 this November is still with us.  


    Carole retired from nursing in '07 and is active in her church and is on the Board of Directors for the local area community health center.


    I thoroughly enjoy being retired.  Besides donating blood every 56 days (or as close to that time lapse as possible), I have not volunteered much.  I am very impressed with the volunteerism of many classmates.   


    I am an active hiker in the spring-summer-fall and skier and snowshoeing in the winter.  I finished the 48 4,000 footers in the White Mtns in '12, and have started to do the High Points in the various states.....6 done to date. In May I leave on my annual 10-day spring minor league ballpark trek during which I try to see as many not-visited-before MILB parks as schedules permit.  I also try to combine these sojourns with historic site visits and High Point climbs.  This year, weather permitting, I will be hitting 7 ballparks in central PA and southwestern VA, as well as planned visits to Fort Necessity and Braddock's Grave, and doing the High Points in VA, WV, MD and PA.


Wayne Ogle
Oggs, Ogle Waffle
Home:  St. Petersburg, FL
May 2012:  Kenai, AK
Dennis Oldacres
Home:  Warren, OH
Jun 2012: Branson, MO
Steve Osmer (Rev: 04/08/11)
Home:  Hudson, NH
May 03: Campton, NH
Tom Paar
Home:  Niantic, CT
Photo:  01
Ed Page
Home:  Rockville Center, NY
Nov 03:  Juneau, AK
Photo:  01
Ed & Barb - 2015
[Click photo for larger image]


   Ed Page - March 2015


   I’m still banished to Alaska and to date have racked up 25 years up here with some broken time in America! 
   First came to Alaska in 73 to do ALPATS when the Boutwell changed homeports from Boston to Seattle and later scored several back to back assignments up here until I ended up swilling beers with Admiral Kime one night during the Exxon Valdez spill response.  Kime asked me how long I was in Alaska….next thing I know I was a frocked Captain sent off to MSO/Group LA/LB!   I showed him….I had fun in SoCal sailing and kayaking!  I slowly worked my way back north via a tour in SF and retired at 29 years in Juneau after turning down jobs in New Orleans and HQ.   I didn’t want to blemish my record of 28 years on the West Coast!
   I flunked retirement as I stood up the non-profit Marine Exchange of Alaska out of Juneau that has grown to 20 employees and 125 AIS sites throughout Alaska.  We operate a  7x24 Vessel Compliance Monitoring System that encompasses over a million square miles of water including the Arctic making my life complicated.  I’m applying my wrestling skills towards digging post holes to pour the foundations to support our off grid AIS receiving sites that use solar panels and wind turbines to power them.  We access these remote islands via helos, floatplanes or with our 32’ landing craft leading to lots of adventures and fresh fish….this is all about having fun doing good things! 
   I married Barb soon after graduation and fortunately her genes dominated and we ended up with two beautiful and adventurous daughters.  We’ve traveled extensively with them to Africa several times, South America, Himalayas and the Galapagos as well as on numerous sailing, hiking and kayaking adventures.   The daughters live in Portland, Oregon and Norway, both of which are great places to visit!
   Barb and I live on the water in Juneau with our 4 kayaks lined up on the beach and sailboat and power boat moored out front.  The down side is we are sometimes rudely woken up by whales spouting in front of our bedroom!  Bottom line… “Life is Good”!  My CG career teed me up well for finding my Shangri La!

    Ned Peak
Home:  Kennewick, WA
Nov 03:  Slidell, LA
Photo:  01

Steve Poole

Milford, CT

Crossed the Bar
April 26, 2016


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Obit:  tba

Pat Popieski
Pops, Popeye
Home:  Roseville, CA
2003    Mike Ragsdale
Home:  Chesapeake, VA
Nov 03:  Tidewater, VA


   Mike Ragsdale - March 2015


      Ahoy, ALCON – My High School Sweetheart, Connie, and I remain as one in Hampton Roads, VA….retired from LANTAREA in ’98 and worked as a CTR for 14 years…retired in ’12…we have 2 boys with their families in Hampton Roads and our daughter with her family is in Northern VA…6 G’kiddos – ranging in age from College Freshman at Liberty University to 15 months…5 G’sons and 1 G’daughter…active in local church and enjoying retired life…thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Coast Guard and my contractor work placed me in other Joint Military Commands in U. S. and Europe developing Homeland security exercises…we get to travel occasionally…always good to hear from CGA ‘72

Jim Richardson

Santa Paula, CA

Crossed the Bar
April 14, 2015


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Obit:   (Family & Military Obit) - Jim formerly worked for Seattle VTS (Vessel Traffic Systems).  He passed away 4/14/2015. Services will be held May 16th, 2015 on Vashon Island, WA.

Jim Richardson
Jungle Jim
Home:  Santa Paula, CA
Norm Robb
Home:  Dorchester, MA
Nov 03:  Chesapeake, VA
John Rodgers
Home:  Mystic, CT
Dave Rogers
Home:  Monroe, CT
Jim Rohn
Home:  Wakeeney, KS
Nov 03:  Avon Lake, OH
Ed Rollison
Chipmonk, Rollie
Home:  Santa Clara, CA
Dennis Rome
Buzz, Buzzy, Buzzard
Home:  Deer Lodge, MT
Aug 07
Deer Lodge, MT
Frank Sambor
Home:  Garfield Heights, OH
Nov 03:  Glen Carbon, IL
Danny San Romani
Home:  Emporia, KS
Dennis Sande
Home:  Lindenhurst, NY
Kevin Scheid
Home:  Austin, MN
Nov 03:  Mercer Island, WA


   Kevin Scheid - March 2015


   Bobette and I settled in a suburb island of Seattle. We will celebrate our 40th anniversary this year with our 4 kids and 4 grandchildren (+2 on the way).
   I continue to work part time in leadership and management consulting for Best Christian Workplaces Institute. In addition, I spend time helping out my boys; putting in fence posts and working on my oldest son’s barn on his small farm; turning wrenches with my second son in his auto repair business in Portland; helping my third son clear land and remodel his house on his ranch in Redmond. They usually invite me over for a beer and I end up doing manual labor. My daughter, the baby of the group, is now a Captain in the Air Force serving in Qatar. I am amazed and even a little jealous at the impact she is making on some significant issues. The Air Force is a good outfit even if it comes in second to the Coast Guard.
   Bobette and I have also been active in our community and church. We are rolling back some of that activity so we can travel a little more. We like to go on cruises or get the flavor of an area by hitting the Bed and Breakfast circuit. We will probably enter the RV world next to see what that is like. The rest of my time I like to hike, bike, boat and ski.


Robert Schmoeger
Schmock, Mayder

Crossed the Bar

Obit: During a USAF Academy exchange weekend, Bob died from a fall over a cliff while jogging on a mountain path near the Air Force Academy.
Dick Sellers 9/25/16
Home:  Beulah, CO
Nov 03:  Beulah, CO


   Dick Sellers - March 2015


    Spent the first years away from most classmates in Gulfport (Acushnet)  and Miami (Cape Knox). Met my wife of 38 years, Lee, at U of Michigan in  Ann Arbor (MSEE) then spent the last 5 years at EECEN Wildwood in Loran  C and the beginning stages of putting management computers on ships.


     We were facing a transfer to HQ and my oldest boy (of 2) was about to  start school when my dad calls and says either come home or the family  owned Telephone company was for sale. Well growing my kids up in rural  Beulah, CO was not much of a decision and I resigned in 1983 to take on  Divestiture of the Bell System. Have spent the last 32 years taking care  of my friends and neighbors in Southern Colorado with telephone, tv and  internet services.


   Boys are grown, the younger, Mike, is married and living in Delaware.  The oldest, Matt, is working with me and have two granddaughters, Emily  and Abi. Am looking toward succession in the family ownership and plan  to retire September 15, 2016 which is the 60th anniversary of the  company. It will mark my 60th year in the telecom industry (with an  asterick on the 15 years in the CG.) I was a telephone operator when I  was 6 years old, child labor had a whole different meaning to my dad!


   Retirement looks like a lot of traveling, some golf and is really scary  to look forward to!


   Keep up the dialogue, one of these days I'll have the time to chime in  with my biases about the demise of the family and strong fatherhood as  the root of all that we have been grousing about.



Sept 25, 2016 - Dick Sellers, CEO, Pine Drive Telephone Co

      - Celebrates 60th Anniversary (Jim Meyer shared this article with the class.)

      Dick Sellers is CEO of his Colorado family telephone business founded in 1956 and recently celebrated their 60th anniversary.  The Pueblo Chieftain newspaper published an article about his business, their anniversary and a photo of Dick. 

      In 2011, Dick offered to host our class web site (note the URL address for our web site) and has been hosting it for almost 5 years now.  He also hosted our class email DL for awhile before we transferred to a different server in 2014 to resolve some email issues for our class DL.  

      Congatulations Dick and Pine Drive Telephone Co employees on your success and thank you for your great support of the Class of 72.

  Penn Shade
Penn, Penn Ma
Home:  Cambridge Springs, PA
Dec 08
Palm City , FL
John Shannonhouse
Squeak, Mouse
Home:  San Lorenzo, CA
John Shaw
Home:  Fort Lauderdale, FL
 2003   Steve Sheek
Sheik, Sheeker
Home:  Joliet, IL
Nov 03:  Weimar,TX
Photo:  01


   Steve Sheek - March 2015


    I'm making a half-hearted attempt at retiring, but not really succeeding.  Currently I'm managing a gas platform and subsea pipeline installation in Cook Inlet.  People keep calling and offering money to do interesting stuff.


    I'm living with my wife of 42 years on 20 acres in the woods 100 miles west of Houston, TX.  Taking courses on subjects that interest me.  Gardening, woodworking and grandchildren are my hobbies.



Mike Shidle

Alexandria, VA

Crossed the Bar
January 12, 2003



Obit:  At age 53, Mike died from a heart attack in Irvine, CA.  As a retired USCG CDR, Mike worked as a project manager with the Disneyland Corp. for 10 yrs.  Mike is survived by his beloved mother, Nancy Shidle of St. Petersburg FL and his Dear Companion, Brian Schoenly of Irvine, along with many cousins. 
Marlin Shelton
Home:  Fort Campbell, KY
Carl Smith
Home:  Carmichael, CA
Nov 03:  Chesapeake, VA
   Carl Smith
- March 2015

     I went the white ship route and got to do all sorts of interesting, challenging, and occasionally fun things.  Liking for the sea and its lore really served me well.  Got married in 1974 to Susan, still have the same wife, partly because I go to sea half the time.  


    Adopted two kids, now 25 and 32.  Daughter is a PA3 USCGR, and I proudly gave her the oath of enlistment.  Got my chief mate license halfway through CG career, masters towards the end.  Left active duty in 1992 and ran a training team for MSC for two years.  Survey ship in the Med for a while, then fell into the oilfield.  A little door opening by Woodstock and Gipper helped start that phase.  


Have worked all over the globe, been around the world 4 or 5 times, but keep coming back to Chesapeake VA.  My hobby is a Tartan 34 sloop, which I have owned now for 25 years.  Active in church when I am home.  I may have to try retirement one of these days, but I still like being an old sea dog.


  Phil Smith
Home:  Hazlehurst, GA
May 2012:  Derry, NH
Kirk Smith
Home:  Soddy, TN
Steve Spencer
Home:  Tequesta, FL
Pat Stillman
Nip, the Nipper, Mush
Rocky River, OH
Nov 03:  Fairfax Station, VA
Joseph Stimatz
Tony, Stimey
Home:  Tamps, FL
Nov 03:  Elizabeth City, NC
   Joseph Stimatz
- March 2015

   Retired from Boating Safety Job at HQ in 1998.  Lost Linda to breast cancer in November 1998. Worked at SAIC til early 2000..  Sent Adam off to RPI in 2001 and got married in 2002.
   Moved to Elizabeth City in Fall of 2002 and purchased a Victorian fixer upper on Main street.  Over time picked up some other properties to rent and for a short period was involved in running a little diner – tough work and lots of attention to detail required.  Still have a 2 acre lot on the Little River if anyone looking for quiet retirement spot away from the hub-bub. 
   Have recently divorced and just enjoying life.  Am a member of the UL standards technical panel for lifejackets.  Still go out to karaoke each week and dabble in local theater company productions as well as Annual Ghostwalk event.  I do a mean Mack the Knife and you should see my Wolfman Jack impression. 
   Ran for and won seat on City Council in 2005 and am still there.  Have elections coming up this fall.  Enjoy the chance to give back and thank the lord for those years as a bureaucrat in HQ which prepared me to keep an eye on the people’s money.  City has made great strides over the last 10 years and we’re getting our CG city designation in May.  Potato festival starts 15 May so come on down.
   Adam has been working as computer engineer for Factset in Norwalk, CT for about 7 years. Get up annually for Yankee’s game and a show.  He has turned into a real ski nut and is constantly on the slopes.  Unfortunately my knees won’t take the load I’ve gained over the years.
   Thank you all for being the fine men and gentlemen that you are.  It is my privilege to be one of our small but tight fraternity.  God bless and keep safe.

 2003   Ben Stoppe6/12/13
Home:  Mount Holly, NJ
Jun 2013: Lake Montecello, Palmyra, VA
Photo:  01  02
John Sugimoto
Home:  Thermal, CA
Alan Summy
Home:  Pleasant, PA
April 2015:  Cornelius, NC
   Alan Summy
- April 2015

   Janet & I are now living in Cornelius, NC (just north of Charlotte) where we plan on staying until we leave horizontally. After retiring from the Coast Guard in 1998 I went to work for SAIC. Stayed with them for about 9 years and then we lost our contract for supporting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. During the recompete, I was offered a job with a competitor for more pay and 100% telecommuting. One of those offers you can't refuse, so I am still working for Flashpoint Internet Solutions. I suspect I'll retire in about 5 years or so.
   Our three children all graduated from WVU, one PhD, one MS, and one BA. Our youngest daughter and her husband live here in Charlotte (11 miles away). Courtney works for Bank of America as a VP in their telecommunications section. So we get to see two of our four grandchildren on a regular basis. Our son Justin and his wife live in the Orlando, FL area and have two boys who we Facetime with every weekend. Unfortunately our oldest daughter Kirsten and her husband live in Pittsburgh and have chosen dogs and cats rather than children.
   Janet continues to battle LUPUS,she has limited mobility and is on O2  24/7. This makes any type of Travel an arduous task so we are pretty much homebodies. I have been blessed so far as my head and neck cancer has been clean for about 3.5 years now. My doctor said at this stage there is less than a 3% chance of reoccurence. I like those odds. Miss you guys and hope everybody is doing well and happy in this part of our lives.


Gary Swan
Bethell, ME

Crossed the Bar
May 28, 2011



Obit:  Gary L. Swan, 61, a resident off Juneau, Alaska, died Saturday, May 28, at Rumford Hospital following a long illness.

He was born in Rumford on Nov. 2, 1949, a son of Henry E. and Joyce H. Spencer Swan.. 
Jack Synovec
Skinny Jack
Home:  Wallingford, PA
Jay Terveen
Home:  Bellevue, OH
Ed Thompson
Home:  Pittsfield, MA
Nov 03:  Eagle River, AK
Bob Thornton
Home:  Birmingham, AL
Narrie Travis
Baby Huey
Home:  Port Arthur, TX

William Turek


Mt. Holly, NJ

Crossed the Bar
March 3, 1993



Obit:   While performing his duties as a CG Marine Inspector at Norshipco, a chemical leak occurred aboard a civilian ship.  Bill and another man died of asphyxiation before they could escape from the tank.

Wife:  Patty Turek
Laura Turek

 2003   Jim Underwood
Home:  San Bernardino, CA
Nov 03:  Juneau, AK
   Jim Underwood
- March 2015
"Live in Florida, work in Alaska, play in Nebraska. Kathie & I still find the bliss at Rancho Relaxo in Merritt Island, FL with occasional excursions into Mexico and Italy. I work part-time with URS (same company since retiring from CG in 2005) to afford my participation in local civic organizations--Rotary Club, Propeller Club, Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation, Space Club Florida, Divine Mercy Catholic Church. I travel to Alaska for business 3-4 times a year, visiting my parents in Oregon on the return leg. At 91, Mom is alert and mobile, lives alone and visits Dad daily in an Alzheimer's facility in Roseburg.  Only child Katie married Antonio Vassalli from Puglia, Italy...we eat good when they visit.  Drowning prevention is high on my list of interests...serving on the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation--promoting "Josh the Baby Otter" water safety projects throughout United States (& 4 other countries) from our headquarters in Lincoln, NE. Go Big Red!  Go Bears!. "I'm only in it for the liberty." Underdog"

Bob Vail

the Wanderer

Westborn, MA

Bob Vail

Crossed the Bar
 Oct 15, 2005


Obit:   Bob passed away at home in Port Angeles, WA of viral infection after returning from a family vacation to the east coast.

Widow: Mickie Vail
Port Angeles, WA

Woody Vaughn
Wood-eye, Woody
Home:  Willingboro, NJ
Dave Walts
Home:  Fairview Heights, IL 
Nov 03:  Solomons, MD
   Dave Walts
- March 2015
    I am now really retired after 46 years of service or direct support to the CG. (4 CGA, 23 AD, 6 contractor and 13 GS). Finished up on 31 Dec with the civil service as the number two man for the Coast Guard’s Training System.  I can tell you that the Coast Guard is and will remain in good hands as I had the pleasure to work with hundreds of the current, professional and dedicated officers and petty officers in the CG.

   Thanks to Tim Doherty, Mike Ragsdale, Hank Blaney and Jim Morton for helping me retire at my December ceremony in Yorktown VA.

   Linda, my bride of 39 years has been there for me during the vast majority of the CG time.  We bought our retirement home in New Bern, NC and intend to do a little golfing occasionally, probably never graduating beyond duffer.  Also, we’ll make some wine, drink it, go boating and tend to our dream home.

   We’ll bring the boat down from Maryland this spring, completing the grand move to the military friendly state of NC.  Never really executed my grandiose plans to take the boat from Cali to the East Coast via the Canal, but we hope to explore the ICW between here and the Keys at some point.

    Two daughters and five grand children in the Wash DC area, so we get up there occasionally.

   My retirement will be pretty laid back as we enjoy the fruits of my long labors for the CG.  I am humbled by the humanitarian exploits of people like Carlos Morales, Gary Beck, Ben Abiles, and Dick Mead all of which I would nominate for sainthood, and envy the real seadogs of the class like Carl Smith. If you are in Eastern North Carolina, give us a call.  Un-announced drop-ins welcome.
Chris Waring  6/12/16
Broadway Fred
Home:  Azusa, CA

   Chris Waring
- June 2016


    I saw this SWABO newsletter so I thought I would update you on my life after CGA. Following leaving the CG in July of 77. Returned to California with my Spanish wife (married her in Spain at my Estaca de Bares loran assignment). Have done a variety of things since returning; more significantly: (1) achieved several MBA's paid for by the old GI Bill; (2) was Export Sales manager with Sunkist Citrus Fruits, traveling much of the world; (3) teaching both high school and college math for the last 30 or so years retiring in 2012. Work for Sylvan ( part time ), and have my own business on the side now, besides doing a lot of traveling around the country and the Caribbean etc. I have two daughters, one who is married and a teacher, while the younger one is an executive with 7 - 11 Corp here in California. We all live at the beach here in Ca., Huntington Beach (me), Sunset Beach ( my oldest), and Belmont Shores ( youngest). I will try to send a couple of recent pictures of me, if my lack of significant tech skills permit me! Regards to my classmates. Always, Chris "Broadway Fred" Waring


Gary Watson
 2003   Bob Wells
Home:  Columbia, SC
Nov 03:  Seneca, SC
Gary Westling
Home:  Houston, TX
Nov 03:  Woodbridge, VA
John Whitehouse11/30/14
Horse, Enforcer
Home:  Braintree, MA
Nov 2014:  Ewa Beach, HI
James Whiting
Home:  Seaford, NY
Nov 03:  Miami, FL
Charlie Williams
Home:  Orlando, FL
Nov 03:  Camden, NJ
Photo:  01

Charlie Williams

Orlando, FL

Crossed the Bar
Dec 7, 2015



Home:  Orlando, FL
Nov 03:  Camden, NJ
Photo:  01

Obit:  The cause of Charles's anemia was diagnosed due to generatiing cancerous plasma cells as well as having kidney issues. .. 
    Jay Terveen
Home:  Bellevue, OH
Herb Williams1/24/14
Home:  Bristol, Rhode Island
   Herb Williams
- March 2015

CGA to the Boutwell. Married Kathy 6 months later. From there to Captain of the Port Boston, to Public Affairs officer and Admiral's aide. Great timing actually. Op sail, Bicentenial. Left after six years for personal/family reasons. Then  CG Reserve, masters degree etc.

   Went to work for Raytheon in RI, then somehow ended up in the metal stamping industry. Have been there ever since. Some of you who saw me at the reunion party know  I did spend a year unemployed. That was hell for a while. I am now the National Sales Manager for a company in Texas. I travel the US for them.

   However,  when home, I get to work out of my waterfront house in Bristol, RI so I consider myself very lucky. Second home in NH which provides for winter skiing. Most summer weekends in RI are spent on my sailboat. 

  Two older daughters and a son. Oldest with two Grandsons in Haymarket, VA, other daughter with grandson and grandaughter in Williston VT. Son lives right here in Bristol.
No complaints. No thoughts of retirement yet. The year spent without a paycheck probably plays into that. 

Door is always open! 


Bill Wissman
Wiss, Fat Wiss
Home:  Walpole, MA
Nov 03:  Arnold, MD
Richard Withers
Home:  Eighty Four, PA
Bill Wittmeyer12/02/14
Witt, Baby Eagle, Eagle-ette
Home:  Calgary, Alberta
Jun 2013: Thousand Oaks, CA


Bill & Maggie - 2014 

Alicia, Spencer, Bill & Maggie
Daughters' Wedding in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Nov 9, 2014
   Bill Wittmeyer
- March 2015

   I met my wife Maggie Tham at grad school 35 years ago.    We currently split time between LA and Kuala Lumpur.   We have two children, a daughter age 30 and a son age 25. 
   Alicia, our daughter is soon to move from DC to back to London (She had a great time during her grad school years in the city so I can understand London calling.)  Spencer, our son returned from two years  teaching English in Japan six months ago only to be Shanghaied by his mother to Malaysia where he is helping her investigate methods of detecting basal stem rot in oil palms.

   Maggie and I currently are doing a "restart" of a technology company.    Maggie is taking the technology to Malaysia to develop a test to detect the presence of the ganoderma fungus that causes basal stem rot in oil palms.  This fungus threatens the viability of the palm oil industry, the largest potable oil crop in the world.  

   I am taking this technology to develop a medical diagnostic product, one  that enables the diagnosis of  disease through the evaluation of a patient's alveolar air.   While the literature is replete with papers discussing breath analysis and lung cancer or heart disease or breast cancer we have chosen not to focus on those diseases due to the cost of obtaining regulatory approvals.  We start clinical trials next month to validate diagnosis of sepsis and pneumonia two diseases that cost the US healthcare industry over USD 30 B annually.
   If it sounds like I am working on a fund raising pitch you are correct.  Once we have initial clinical data it is back to the street for $$$$
Tom Yearout9/10/15
Home:  Douglas, WY
Sep 15:  Raleigh, NC
Photo:  01

   Tom Yearout
- March 2015

   Still loving life here in the Sonoran Desert outside of Tucson. Retired from Customs and Border Protection last April, had a new shoulder put in a week later and now have a new knee as of 30 January. Me and the new parts are doing well and Wanda continues to take good care of me. 

   However, since both her parents have passed and I am no longer working, there is nothing significant keeping us here. So with two new grandchildren on the east coast, we have decided to give up the desert lifestyle and move to the Wake Forest area in North Carolina. Move will take place this summer after I am walking a little better. Once settled, we will pass on the new address info to all. 

   I'm like Mike. I recently bought a small motor home and a set of waders. Took up fly fishing and plan to camp and fish my way around America. Maybe we could have a fishing tournament sometime between now and the 45th with the trophy awarded at the reunion?  
Tom and Wanda in Tucson (for now)


  Dirk Young
Home:  Malta, MT
 2003   Bob Zider
Home:  Richmond, VT
Nov 03:  Barre, VT

Tony Zimmer

Crossed the Bar
July 26,2015



Obit:   Died following complications that developed from a pulmonary embolism in his lungs

Daughter:  Lisa Zimmer

Steve Ziomek
Home:  Gary, IN
Nov 03:  Scottsdale, AZ
     Will Corbin

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           - 1972 Yearbook, Volume 1 (pg 83)

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