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CGA Class of 1972

"Non pro uno, sed pro omnibus"

Not for one, but for all. 


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elcome all classmates, family members and friends of Class of 72.

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     Past news...
March 23, 2019 - 2022 4C Formal Dinner & Dance -
Submitted by Greg Johnson & additional photos submited by Tiger

March 15, 2019 - USCGA 4th Class 1972 Summer Program -
Submitted by Ben Stoppe and scanned by Tiger

March 8, 2019 - USCGA Running Light 1972 - "
Running Light" submitted by Ben Stoppe and scanned by Tiger - Interesting read to compare USCGA in 1972 and now in 2019.
   Except from the 1972 Running Light - Swab Rules & Swab Don'ts - s
ubmitted by Dick Sellers
Nov 18, 20018 - 2022 Class Crest with 1972 LITC - Way cool!
Click on image for a larger view


November 11, 2018 - National Coast Guard Museum
    The CG is planning to build and open a National Coast Guard Museum in New London on the Thames River. With the property already purchased and the design 75% complete, construction is scheduled to begin in the fall 2019 and open in mid-2022 or early 2023.   Read more about the vision, design, build plans and the fund-raising efforts for the museum
   Donations to the Museum:  There are different ways you can donate to the National Coast Guard Museum..  Check out the museum's web site for details at    One way is to become a Plankowner by simply setting up a monthly payment of $5 or more to continue until opening of the museum and you will be a plankowner.  See their web site for details. 


November 11, 2018 - Tiger updated his SWABO in the Directory 


August 8, 2018 - Animated class ring in header
- submitted courtesy of Tiger

July 25, 2018 - Updated  Classmates Sworn-In and Graduated

July 2, 2018 - Script for CAPT Greg Johnson's CGA 72 Link In The Chain for 2022 To The Parents of the 2022 SWABs at Swearing In Day, Day 1

Admiral Rendon, Admiral Allen, Academy staff, distinguished guests, and a special welcome to the parents of the soon-to-be cadets of the CGA Class of 2022


  June 24, 1968, 50 years ago, 425 young men entered Chase Hall as the Class of 1972 and began their CGA journey.  Four years later 171 of us graduated as Ensigns and we began upholding the great Coast Guard traditions of humanitarian service to our country.  As the 50 year class for 2022, our two classes forever will be special links in the chain of the Long Blue Line of CGA graduates. 





   Plan ahead for our 50th Reunion - October 2022

   Class of 72 reunion committee
      Chuck & Robbie McCarthy (Primary Point of Contact)
      Tom &  Elaine Meisenzahl
Jim & Janice Norton
      Bill & Ella Armstrong

A brief history of our class
from 1968 to 2015
see Classmate's SWABO replies

 USCG Academy Campus
June 1968

(Click for larger image)
348 classmates inducted
into the Class of 72:
Approx 343 reporting
plus 5 classmates from 1971

Formed into platoons
Shock & awe hits
Haircuts (no style choice)
Clock Orderlies
Regiment, battalion & company orgs
Marching to class
Academic Studies
Professors & Instructors
(some with strange habits & tics)
Drill Teams
Uniform & room inspections
Marching in the Quadrangle to
work off demerits
Roland Hall Wreck Deck safety
Saturday specials
(avoid by going to the Wreck deck)
North Gate orderly
Report arounds
Bypassing certian companies
due to known hard asses
Square meals braced up
Trivia questions
Escape & Rebellion

(Click for larger image)

[ Eagle Note: "1976 brought significant changes to the Eagle. The Coast Guard added their "racing stripe" and the words 'Coast Guard' to her otherwise unadorned white hull. In addition, the Eagle figurehead on the bowsprit of the ship was replaced." Ref ]

Summer cruises as swabs (1968)
& 2nd class (1970)
Approx 348 sworn in

Approx 170 left at various times
for reasons

Approx 178 graduated
Studies continued
Collegiate & intramural sports
100th Day
3rd class cadets
Not swabs anymore
1969 Class of 73 swabs arrive
Then 2nd class cadets
Finally 1st class cadets
Classmates who "Crossed the Bar"
Football, basketball, soccer,
baseball games
Gymnastic, sailing, rowing crew,
golfing, shooting competitions...
and, at last...

Graduation Day
June 7, 1972
Off to new assignments
Grad School
Flight school
Ship, flight, shore & astronaut assignments

Jumping ahead

Classmates who "Crossed the Bar"
CG Retirement
New careers
Children & Grand Children

(Click for larger image)
40th Reunion at CGA
Sept 27-30, Oct 2012


see Classmate's SWABO replies
Many reached 65 before, on or after
Some celebrating 43 years of marriage
Some celebrating new marriages
Some celebrating not being married
Social Security
Retirement from new careers
Starting new careers
Some still sailing the seas
Some still working in jobs they enjoy
Enjoying children & grand children
Dealing with illnesses
Death of family members
Volunteer work
Free Time
New Adventures

OMG !!!
Where has the time gone?
Take time to live &
enjoy fulfilling your bucket list.